Confluence VI schedule is uploaded

  • Confluence VI

    Confluence VI was held on 23-24 Jan, 2015. The focus was on teaching of ESL/EFL. It stems from the need for teachers of to adopt innovative & inspiring methods to facilitate learning.

  • Speakers

    Confluence VI was graced by eminent academicians. We have confirmation from Dr. Peter McLaren of United Arab Emirates University, Mick King of Middlesex University, UAE, Racquel Warner of Middlesex University, Dubai and Tara Ratnam of Karnataka, India.

  • The Venue

    Confluence 2015 was held at the TGP College of Engineering premises at Nagpur, India. Also known as The Gateway to Tiger Country, Nagpur is well respected for its strong academic focus.

  • At a glance

    Confluence serves as a platform for dialogue and debate with researchers and theorists on one hand and ESL / EFL teachers and learners, on the other.

About Confluence

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    The Idea

    Globalization has dramatically and exponentially increased worldwide demand for English speakers and teachers. Today, almost every career requires a sound knowledge of English for advancement at professional and personal / social levels.

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    Our History

    The Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities of TGP College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur organize Confluence, an Annual International Seminar in which Indian as well as foreign delegates participate every year.

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    TESOL Arabia affiiation for EQI

    Confluence V was a landmark for us as not only was the event endorsed by biggies from TESOL and other significant organizations, but EngQuest International, under whose banner the conference is organized every year, was also offered affiliation to TESOL Arabia by its then President, Rehab Rajab. EngQuest International is now an official affiliate of TESOL Arabia! This is a significant development for Confluence as the event can now be publicized through a far-reaching international platform.

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    Key People

    The moving force behind Confluence is Anjali Patil-Gaikwad, a Professor of English. She is supported by Prof. Sharad Patil, an academic, activist & writer of repute, and husband Mohan Gaikwad, entrepreneur & Chairman of Gaikwad-Patil Group.

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    Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board is graced by stalwarts like Dr. G. Rajagopal of TEFLU, Hyderabad, Dr. Anne Burns and other eminent academicians. Small wonder then, that Confluence has been going from strength to strength each year.

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    Editorial Board

    Our Editorial Board, that presides over The Confluence Journal and The Journal for ESL Teachers and Learners, is a group of highly respected intellectuals who oversee every detail that goes into our publications.

The case of English as a second language is particularly worth exploring because of its global nature and the opportunities it has to offer.

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