The Idea


Confluence – true to its meaning

The world as we know it is shrinking with each passing day; the need for a unifying global language keeps getting increasingly imposing. It is no coincidence that globalization has dramatically and exponentially increased worldwide demand for English speakers and teachers. Today, almost every career requires a sound knowledge of English for advancement at professional and personal / social levels.

Mirroring this trend, it was only natural for English to branch out in a number of ways to meet the needs of industry. From studying the classics for a scholarly pursuit of the English language to learning English for specific purposes, we have indeed come a long way – just like the family physician has made way for specialists who are able to target issues in a focused manner.

Given its ever-widening scope, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a holistic view and keep track of all new developments in the teaching and learning of the English language. It is this need that Confluence aims to address.

Confluence welcomes all teachers and students of ESL / EFL to share their experiences, hurdles and triumphs. By bringing together teachers and learners from diverse ESL / EFL backgrounds around the globe, we envision a give and take of ideas that would result in new and more effective thought processes and subsequent result-oriented action.

We hope to help build a holistic view at this Confluence of global academia!